Highlight of Exchange

It has been 27 days since Eurotour and it was one of the best experiences on exchange and in my life overall. Just travelling the world with a bunch of friends! We went to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, stopped off for lunch in Slovakia, then to Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. My favorite country by far was Poland, Warsaw. The town was beautiful and there were a bunch of fun things to do. And also there was a gay pride parade which was very fun to participate in. The last night was spent in Germany, Munich. The night was filled with tears but laughter as this was the last trip the old exchange students who came in August 2018 had together and with us newbies. But of course, the airport in Helsinki was way worse. The bag check area was filled with 83 exchange students crying their eyes out. It was difficult to say goodbye, but i see it more as a ‘see you soon’. As Winnie the Pooh once said; “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” And of course, Winnie the Pooh is always right. I would like to thank everyone on the tour, whether some are reading this or not. I want to thank the people I made real connections with and that I become close with. But I also thank the people who may have said one sentence to me. They all made my exchange whole and its sad to say goodbye to all my oldies, but I will see them again some day.

But as some leave, some more come and I am ready to create more friendships with all the newbies as an oldie.

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