3 months

I have now been in Finland for 3 months. I am having the time of my life. I have become a lot more confident and happy whilst being here. Finland has made me come out of my comfort zone. My host family have made me feel as welcome as ever and treat me like their real child. I feel very comfortable with them and I have met my second host family as they are relatives to my first host family. My second host family are going to be just as good as the first and i know it. Everyone has made me feel welcomed and safe. They are all very understanding and take their time with me.

One of my favorite factors to exchange so far is school. Other than the 6:00am mornings and piles of homework, exams and assessments of course. The school has made me feel accepted and the people are so amazing. The first day of school was the thing i was dreading. I was afraid that i would be alone all day and confused, but straight when i walked in the doors i felt at home. I was welcomed into so many friend groups that i don’t think i could be alone at school again. I always have people to hang out with and who are supporting me. I am so thankful for them. But my all time favorite thing about exchange so far has to be the people. I don’t know where i would be without everyone i have in my life so far. My host families, friends and my Host clubs. Even complete strangers are great! Everyone is so understanding and supporting.

I am so glad that I chose this amazing country and i don’t think i could imagine me going to a different one.

This would not be possible without the people back in Australia. My parents have been my biggest supporters, and i cant thank them enough. Then The Entrance Rotary Club, who have all supported me whilst being here and before arriving. Rotary, who trained me for this experience and made this possible. And of course the rest of the Australian exchange students of district 9685, who i have been chatting with and face-timing.

I can not wait to share all my crazy memories and experiences with everyone when i come back!

3 down, 9 to go…



That’s terrific Becky. It sounds absolutely wonderful. So happy for you. Such a great opportunity. Can’t wait to read your next instalment. Auntie Deb Xx


So proud of you Becky.
You’re such a beautiful person who wouldn’t want to get to know you.
So happy to hear you enjoying finland even school.
Keep making more memories, looking forward to seeing more photos.


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